About us

Dear animal lover! Welcome to Animal Heroes; the youngest emergency aid organization for animals in the Netherlands!

The name says it all, Animal Heroes is about animal heroes, people who care for animals in need in the harshest of circumstances. Often these people are invisible to the world. They dedicate themselves at risk to injured, traumatized and neglected animals. All the while they can often barely make ends meet themselves.

Animal Heroes exists to make animal heroes visible and to help them with concrete emergency aid – together with you.

How does Animal Heroes work?

First, we don’t have donors, we have fans! It may sound a bit strange, but we not only focus on the animal heroes and their animals, but also you as a fan!

We dare to come out honestly for that, because we think it is important to let you as a fan know how your donation helps animals. We have built a very smart system for this.

100% happy fans

Only thanks to donations can we help animals. So we want 100% happy fans! Therefore, when you become a fan of an animal hero you get your own Animal Heroes dashboard where you get instant updates on the projects you support. So you can see for yourself how your donation helps animals.

In addition, you choose which project you want to support and you decide exactly what your money is spent on.

You can of course donate yourself, but you can also set up your own crowdfunding campaign in a few seconds for an animal hero you want to support!


Yes, and who are we really? We are an enthusiastic team of marketing professionals, pilots, veterinarians and a biologist with a big heart for animals who use their time and knowledge to save animals in need.

We are international and support animal heroes all over the world. Our team works from the Netherlands, Italy, Finland and America.

We hope you are as enthusiastic about Animal Heroes as we are, because Animal Heroes belongs to all of us, including you! Together we help animals in need, wherever they are in the world.


How can we help you?