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Help veterinary Ali save 30 injured sheep from fire

A big forest fire has killed 556 animals last week in the South-East of Turkey. Veterinary Ali saved 30 sheep from the fire. They need your help!

Dog chalet for Natalia’s dogs in Ukraine

Donate for doghouses to help Natalia and other Animal Heroes to provide shelter for abandoned dogs in Ukraine.

Help animals in the Westbank

On the 15th of April we came back from the West Bank. Please support Diana Babish who is risking her life to save thousands of animals.

Make a general donation

Would you like to make a donation without choosing an Animal Hero project? Click here.

Save Ali’s donkeys

Exploited donkeys of veterinarian Ali in Turkey are forced to move house! Please help them to their new home.

Injured animals in Turkey need your help!

Help Ahmet treat 100 injured animals. 100% of your donation will be spent on medical care for the rescued animals from the disaster area.

Help save animals from the rubble in Morocco

Help Katarina and her team who is working day and night on the ground in Morocco to rescue victims of the earthquake.  

Truck full of animal food for Ukrainian animals

Our first truck of pet food worth 130.000 euro has been sent to Eastern Ukraine with food for thousands of hungry dogs, cats and rabbits. 

Save Turkish dogs with scabies

In southeast Turkey, an area has been flooded by the construction of a dam. The authorities have left the more than 700 street dogs behind. Haytap has rescued 400 dogs, but they have scabies.

Help and save a dog to get rid of scabies.

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