Help save animals from the rubble in Morocco

Help Katarina and her team who is working day and night on the ground in Morocco to rescue victims of the earthquake.  

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Dogs, cats, sheep, donkeys, horses

Earthquake in Morocco

Katarina Tavčar Možina is Operations Manager at Marocco Animal Aid, an organisation founded by young Australian men and women who run an animal shelter in Morocco.

They visited the epicenter of the earthquake to understand what help is most needed. They distributed hay and medicine for the animals they encountered and are planning to send a large truck of hay to the most affected villages.

Katarina: “Many animals are so badly injured that the only humane thing we can do is to end their suffering through euthanasia. As soon as we have enough money to send a full truck, we will return with our vet to feed animals, to help end the suffering of those animals that cannot be cured and to bring animals that have a chance of survival to our shelter.

Dear people, if you have a heart for animals, then please help us. every animal deserves our help.”

Support Katarina and her team with a donation for hay, medicine and transport costs. After your donation you will receive a receipt per e-mail. 

100% of donations go to the animal rescue mission.

Help save animals from the earthquake in Morocco
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