Frequently Asked Questions


Yes you can do so by bank transfer to NL57TRIO0320595846 in the name of Animal Heroes Foundation. If you want to donate for a specific animal hero, then include the name of the animal hero. CAUTION! If you make a donation via bank transfer, we do not receive any contact information from you. We won’t then be able to thank you for your donation and we won’t be able to keep you informed about the project you are supporting. Would you like to get updated? Send us an email to and we will let you know if we have received your donation and we will ensure that you are kept informed.

The more you donate, the more we will love you. As a donor, you deserve to be pampered. We would like to give you a pair of beautiful microwave slippers as a gift, or a wonderful shiatsu neck massage. But we don’t. We don’t even send a calendar, because we prefer to spend donors’ money on emergency aid for animals. So while you don’t get a gift from us, what you do get are regular updates showing how your donation helps animals in need.

Unfortunately not at the moment, because we have only recently started and want to make sure that we do not take on too many projects too quickly that we may not be able to draw sufficient attention to. Our goal is that this will be possible starting next year.

Emergency aid for people is incredibly important, and most aid organizations only provide aid to people. Animals are often the last victims to be considered. We, as an animal rescue organization put animals first and believe that every form of life – big or small – is worth saving.

Giro 555 is an alliance of relief organizations for people. These organizations are saving lives and doing a fantastic job, but at the moment there are no organizations that provide emergency aid to animals.

Unless we have a special action on the website this is normally not possible. This is because it is incredibly expensive and complex to transport feed to war zones, for example. It also takes longer, because it means that a truck can only be sent when it is full. Then it also takes a few days to get to a depot. From there it often has to be transported even further. Therefore, it is cheaper and faster to support the people who care for animals with a donation, so that they can buy local feed themselves. We have made exceptions because in some countries people prefer to donate goods. An example is Finland, where people and companies donated an enormous amount of food. In this case we made an exception and sent transports with emergency aid to Ukraine.

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