Help animals in the Westbank

On the 15th of April we came back from the West Bank. Please support Diana Babish who is risking her life to save thousands of animals.

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Emergency aid details

15.000 dogs

10.000 cats

West Bank

25.000 dogs and cats are starving to death in the West Bank

Diana Babish risks her life to save injured and starving stray animals in Bethlehem. With shops closed and donations evaporated, she needs urgent help to save 100 dogs in her shelter and to pay for medical treatment for injured cats and dogs that she saves every day from the streets.

We just came back from the West Bank 

On Tuesday the 15th of April our team returned from our  second mission to the West Bank. During this trip we

  • visited Diana’s shelter;
  • bought food for stray animals;
  • set up a joint medical aid project with 2 local vets;
  • started an educational campaign at an orphanage to stop violence against animals.


Please help Diana save lives in the West Bank

We can only provide food and medical care with your help! With a donation of 7,50 euros, you can feed a dog or cat for a week.

Animals in the West Bank need your help

Please help animals in the West Bank
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