Save Turkish dogs with scabies

In southeast Turkey, an area has been flooded by the construction of a dam. The authorities have left the more than 700 street dogs behind. Haytap has rescued 400 dogs, but they have scabies.

Help and save a dog to get rid of scabies.

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400 dogs

Medicines against scabies

Black Sea region in Turkey

In the eastern Black Sea region of Turkey, an area is completely flooded by the construction of the Yusufelite Dam. The residents have all been evacuated, but the authorities have left behind the more than 700 street dogs that live in the area. Even though they knew the area would be flooded.

400 dogs were brought to safety by rescue workers from our brave Turkish colleagues Haytap in rowing boats.

However, the flooding has led to an outbreak of scabies; The dogs suffered from terrible itching and scratched their entire skin. This can cause more serious infections.

Fortunately, scabies can be treated with Frontline or Nextguard, but these are expensive drugs that Haytap cannot afford after their lengthy earthquake rescues.

It costs 25 euros to treat 1 dog with scabies. According to veterinarians, the dog will fully recover in 70 to 80% of cases.

Thanks to your donations, we collected 2000 Euro to buy medicine. We were able to treat more than 80 dogs thanks to your help!  

Help a Turkish dog with scabies

Help a Turkish dog with scabies
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