Injured animals in Turkey need your help!

Help Ahmet treat 100 injured animals. 100% of your donation will be spent on medical care for the rescued animals from the disaster area.

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Emergency aid details

35 dogs

65 cats

earthquake victims


In addition to people, animals are also victims of the catastrophic earthquake in Turkey. Ahmet’s rescue team from the Turkish organization Haytap rescued 1,500 animals from under the rubble.

More than 100 of the rescued animals were injured and in need of acute medical care and vaccinations.

There is no money for that, because all the money has been used for the rescues and animal transports. Our Animal Heroes team also made two trips to Hatay to assist our Turkish colleagues on the ground in providing emergency medical care and rescuing animals from damaged buildings.

Founder of Haytap, Ahmet says:

Dear people, please do not forget us and talk about this with other people who do not know what is going on. Every life matters, dogs rescue people under the rubble of buildings and we try to rescue dogs, cats, cows and even birds that are lost, injured or trapped. I want people to know that there is always hope, as long as we keep believing in it.

Help Ahmet and his team treat more than a hundred injured animals. 100% of all donations are spent on medical care for the rescued animals from the disaster area.

Your donation saves lives!

As little as 10 euros helps a dog or cat get medical care
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