Help veterinary Ali save 30 injured sheep from fire

A big forest fire has killed 556 animals last week in the South-East of Turkey. Veterinary Ali saved 30 sheep from the fire. They need your help!

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Emergency aid details


30 burnt sheep

medical care, food and transport

This project is now closed. We have collected 2480 euro in total. 15 out of the 32 injured sheep have been saved thanks to your support. The other 17 didn’t make it due to smoke in their lungs. The other 15 are doing well. Dr. Ali continues the treatment thanks to your help!


Please help Ali save injured sheep from a forest fire

A big forest fire has killed 556 animals on the 20th of June in Turkey. Veterinary Ali was the first to arrive at the fires and managed to save 30 sheep from the flames. The animals are severely injured and have been taken to Ali’s donkey shelter  where they are being treated.

While saving the animals, Ali’s pick-up truck got damaged so badly, that the car is beyond repair. After the earthquake in Hatay, the forced relocation of the shelter, this is one disaster too many for Ali. He doesn’t have money to cover the costs for treating and feeding all the wounded animals, let alone to replace his pick-up truck, which is needed to bring food to the shelter (150 animals) every day.

Please support Dr. Ali with a donation for medical care, food and/or towards replacing his pick-up truck (you can choose how you want us to spend your donation in the donation form).

Please help veterinary Ali in saving 30 sheep
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