Dog chalet for Natalia’s dogs in Ukraine

Donate for doghouses to help Natalia and other Animal Heroes to provide shelter for abandoned dogs in Ukraine.

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Natalia is the founder of the largest dog shelter in Lviv. Most of the dogs were abandoned by their owners when they fled the country. Natalia also rescues dogs from Bachmoet where there is currently heavy fighting.

When we were there, a sick dog from Bachmoet had just arrived (see photo top left), a big problem for Natalia, because there are no spare doghouses left. The shelter is overcrowded and Natalia and 4 volunteers are in desperate need of help.

So far we have produced 25 dog houses, but especially in the harsh winters in Ukraine, much more dog houses are needed for Natalia’s shelter and other shelters in Ukraine.

Support Natalia and her dogs with a donation for a warm and dry dog doghouse.

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