Run with your dog for animals in war

Animal Heroes Run

Run (or walk) 4.5 km and provide medical care for animals affected by wars Welcome to the First Edition of the Animal Heroes Run; the non-competitive race for you with or without your dog in the Dolomites. In war zones, animals are often forgotten. But they too are victims of war, living beings who depend […]

Happy news – the love story of Yafa and Eleonora

When our volunteers go on a mission, they meet animals in all sorts of heartbreaking situations. And yes, we’d love to take all of them home and give them the love and affection they so desperately need. But that is not realistic, of course; we always need to be conscious not to get too attached […]

We are departing for the West Bank


Next Saturday we will depart for the West Bank, because the violence against animals has increased since our last visit and the donations to treat injured animals have dried up. It was not an easy decision, because the situation is anything but calm, but if everything goes according to plan, we will get there on […]

A Glimpse into the World of Polar Bears


February 27th marked International Polar Bear Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness about the majestic creatures that roam the icy landscapes of the Arctic. As we celebrate these magnificent animals, it’s essential to reflect on their current status and the challenges they face, as well as the positive efforts being made to ensure their […]

A true Christmas miracle


Christmas has passed, but this Christmas was a special one because, amid wars and conflict around the world, a true Christmas miracle happened. Christmas eve 2023, the Animal Heroes phone rings. On the other side of the line Diana Babisch from Bethlehem Shelter is calling from Bethlehem, she is in tears. All she manages to […]

Support for abused donkeys in Turkey

Animal-Heroes-Ali-drugs-Ezels-Turkije-noodhulp-animal hero

Three years ago, a donkey shelter was set up in eastern Turkey, run by veterinarian Ali and his wife. They live in the village and also have a veterinary practice there. We visited the shelter in February. Despite the fact that the house of Ali and his wife and daughter has been damaged by the […]

Thank you for being you


It is in moments of humanitarian crisis, in the eye of the hurricane where you encounter the most precious things. A gentle gesture, a friendly face, purity and selflessness. We found this at Casa di Axel, an extraordinary animal shelter in Emilia Romagno (Italy) whose founders saved countless animals from drowning in the flood. La […]

Off to a flying start!


Dear people, welcome to Animal Heroes; the Netherlands’ youngest animal rescue organization!

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