Intensive care units for animal shelters in Turkey

Veterinarian Ali takes care of exploited donkeys and other neglected and mutilated animals. He urgently needs intensive care units.

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Veterinarian Ali runs a shelter for exploited animals in eastern Turkey. He and his family have had to leave their home which has become uninhabitable due to the earthquake. Despite that, Dr. Ali continues to take care of the 112 donkeys, horses, cows, sheep, goats, birds and mutilated companion animals.

He urgently needs Intensive Care Units (ICUs) to treat injured and sick dogs and cats brought to his shelter. The Intensive Care units cost 6000 euros and with that, Dr. Ali can save lives.

100% of your donation is spent on buying Intensive Care Units. Should we collect insufficient funds, we will refund you your donation.

Your donation saves animal lives

Intensive Care units for animal shelter Turkey
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