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Animal Heroes is a growing international emergency aid organisation, with headquarters in The Netherlands and partners in Finland, US, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Greece and West Bank. We help local “Animal Heroes”: people who rescue, protect and care for animals in acute emergencies under harsh conditions.

Our professional team of volunteers have experience in animal charity organisations, corporate business, veterinary, biology, marketing and logistics. Our goal is to help animals by raising awareness and funding for Animal Heroes projects with donors, media and corporate sponsors.  We don’t do politics or activism. Our sole focus is on emergency aid for animals.

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All our volunteers (currently 18 people) work for free. Coming from all sorts of disciplines and industries we have a huge amount of experience in our team. Our motivation is the same: using our experience to support local animal heroes and help animals in urgent need. Working towards our one common goal, our team is passionate, engaged and result-oriented. This positive vibe is what keeps us going and inspires us. You will get to be part of this great team and you will help animal heroes and animals all over the world.

Are you excited? Do you want to know more? Contact Mony de Roos at +31 (0) 6 15 66 94 25.

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