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Save Ali’s donkeys

Exploited donkeys of veterinarian Ali in Turkey are forced to move house! Please help them to their new home.

Dog chalet for Natalia’s dogs in Ukraine

Donate for doghouses to help Natalia and other Animal Heroes to provide shelter for abandoned dogs in Ukraine.

Help animals in the Westbank

On the 15th of April we came back from the West Bank. Please support Diana Babish who is risking her life to save thousands of animals.

Emergency aid for animals

Together with you, we support animal heroes,
people who care for animals in the toughest conditions,
anywhere in the world.

01. Gesteunde projecten


emergency aid missions and projects

02. Gesteunde heroes


supported heroes

03. Fans



04. Dieren gered


animals helped

Why Animal Heroes?

Our community

We work together with local partners and other emergency aid organisations to make animal heroes visible to a large international audience. Because only if we know they exist, we are able to help them with concrete emergency aid.

On behalf of the animals, I would like to thank Animal Heroes for their work in Turkey after the February 2023 earthquake in Turkey. We were able to save many animals thanks to the help of Animal Heroes. I want you to know that Animal Heroes are among our most important friends.

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