30 sheep rescued from Turkish forest fire

On June 26th, we received a phone call from the Director and Founder of Haytap, the largest animal rights organisation in Turkey. He told us that 556 animals died in a huge forest fire in southeastern Turkey last week. Veterinarian Ali, whose donkey shelter we have been supporting since the earthquake in Hatay, was the first on the scene and managed to save 30 sheep from the flames.

The animals were taken to Ali’s shelter with severe burns where they are now being treated.

During the rescue, Ali’s pickup truck was damaged and is beyond repair. First the earthquake, then the forced relocation of his shelter and now a major forest fire.

This is one disaster too many for Ali; He has no money for medicine and food for the extra 30 injured sheep and certainly not for a new pick-up, which is needed to bring daily feed to the shelter.

If you would like to support Ali’s work for these animals in need, you can indicate in the donation form whether your donation can be used for food and medicine, for the new pick-up truck, or whether you prefer to leave the choice to Ali himself.

Veterinarian Ali takes care of a sheep with wounds from the fire.

On behalf of veterinarian Ali, the animals in his shelter and also on behalf of everyone in our team: Thank you from the bottom of our heart for your support!

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