Thanks to you we have food and medicine for animals in the West Bank 


Thanks to your support we have replenished the food supply for Diana Babish of Bethlehem Animal Shelter. We have also been able to pay high medical bills to ensure continuous medical care. 

Thanks to your donations, Diana can now continue to use local veterinarians to treat injured animals. And there are many; every day we rescued injured puppies from a refugee camp. While we were there, we rescued several dogs, two of them were so seriously injured that they could only be treated in Israel. You can see a video of the rescue operation below.

Palestinians and Israelis work together to save animals

We were deeply moved to see Palestinians and Israelis working together at the risk of their own lives to bring animals across the border into Israel to save them.

This puppy (in the photo below) was in very bad shape and needed surgery. Two days ago we received news from Israel that the puppy had made it. Three of the dogs that we brought across the border on foot are now with foster families in Israel and hopefully, they will find a new family soon.

Animal Hero Diana

Despite difficult circumstances, Diana still manages to arrange adoptions from her shelter every week. She takes care of all the vaccinations, and paperwork. She arranges a flight with a volunteer and yesterday another dog left for Canada to meet his new family. It is incredible what this lady does for the animals and what she accomplishes even in the middle of a military conflict. She is an animal hero and it is a privilege that we had the opportunity to meet her.

The dog below is called Zeina and was adopted in December from Bethlehem by a family in Germany… Her sister was adopted by us, but more about that later.

News about Gaza

We are in daily contact with Saeed from Sulala Animal Rescue in Gaza through Diana. As we expected – they have received a lot of money, but cannot buy anything with it. We are working in the background 7 days a week with authorities and other aid organisations to try to get emergency aid to reach Gaza, but so far no one has been able to do so. The happy news is that two days ago, Saeed also rescued a donkey that had been completely exploited due to the lack of gasoline.

We will continue our efforts to support the animals in Gaza and the West Bank for as long as it takes!

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