The construction of the donkey sanctuary has started

The donkeys and other animals in Ali’s shelter are currently still in the old enclosure. Veterinarian Ali had a bit of a set down because the shelter had partly been flooded, causing extra work.

But thanks to support from our donors, Ali has now been able to finish the fence for the new shelter.
Last weekend they started to move other parts of the old shelter to the new one.

Thanks to a very generous donor from The Netherlands, we can build part of the new stable. That’s great, but we are not there yet, because we still need more facilities to be installed including electricity and water pipes.

We have approached several other animal welfare organisations to ask if they would like to work with us to help save these animals, but unfortunately, this was not successful. We will therefore continue this fundraising project for as long as it takes to ensure the donkeys have everything they need in their new shelter.

An extra 5,000 euros is still needed, so we will do our best to help raise this amount in the next 2 to 3 months. If you know anyone in your network who might also want to help Ali’s donkeys, this link provides more information about the project and also the possibility to donate:

The donkeys are Ali’s life and he sent us the photos below that we would like to share with you.

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