Puppies and injured animals rescued


Thanks to our supporters, hundreds of street dogs were fed in November and December and 14 injured stray cats and 18 injured stray dogs in the West Bank received medical care. Sadly, two dogs and one cat were in such bad condition that they did not make it. It is a small consolation that they died in a caring environment.

Good news!

Fortunately, there is also good news. Diana from Bethlehem Shelter has managed to transfer seriously injured animals to Israel, where they have better facilities to treat animals. Like the dog in the video below (if you click on the photo the video starts), he was on the street for three days with two broken bones. Diana’s vet treated him in Bethlehem and now he has been transferred to an animal hospital in Israel where he is in safe hands.

Help for puppies
Because the government does not sterilise stray animals, there are a lot of puppies. Thanks to your support to Animal Heroes, Diana can save many of them, like the puppies below: 

The puppy on the bottom right was found in a cave among garbage, rats, and fleas. His shoulder was dislocated and had to stay at the vet for two days. He is now in the shelter and doing well. He just needs some rest. All other puppies were adopted in Israel.

The situation is still extremely tough

Thanks to our donors, Diana can still feed and care for stray animals every day, but that won’t be for long. In addition to previous donations last year/in December from Animal Heroes and our Finnish partner organisation, only 300 euros in donations have been received since January to help these animals. Diana works from 6 am to midnight to care for the animals, but can only continue to do so with financial support for food, medicine, and transport.


We are in daily contact with Diana and experience how desperate the situation remains. So we decided to continue supporting Diana’s shelter for one year. It is therefore now possible to donate 12 times a month for Diana’s work, after which it will stop automatically. One-off donations are of course also still possible.

We transfer 100% of all donations to this cause (minus bank costs) directly to Diana.

Watch our interview with Diana Babisch from the West Bank:

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